RE: Theoretical question for the list: publicity?

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Sun Apr 08 2001 - 07:59:42 MDT

> Brian Atkins wrote:
> >To the list I ask: if for instance Wired magazine wanted to do a large
> >article about SIAI in the near future, complete with cover image of
> >Eliezer with a quote "This 21 year old cognitive scientist is building an
> >AI that will end the world as we know it" do you think that
> would accelerate
> >our plans or hurt them? Assume that besides talking about Eliezer and our
> >plans, it also presents FAI as the answer to Bill Joy's AI concerns.

I think that, if such an article were reasonably well-written, it would
accelerate the advancement of AI, for the following reason.

Yeah, it would polarize opinions. But the pissed-off people wouldn't
actually ~do~ anything against AI development. On the other hand, some of
the newly-psyched-up-for-AI people might write checks to support AI

So, if anyone has the contacts, yeah, let's get the article, please!!

What I want on the cover, though, is me giving Eliezer a piggyback ride. If
I can lift him that is ;>


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