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From: Eliezer S. Yudkowsky (
Date: Sat Apr 07 2001 - 12:53:37 MDT

Chris Cooper wrote:
> Apologies to everyone. I (wrongly) assumed that everyone here was of votin'
> and drinkin' age. Carry on!

PLEASE don't take this as saying that the list has to be G-rated or
anything. Everyone here can be assumed to be a responsible adult - at
least, anyone bright enough to be on this list at age eleven can be
assumed to be a responsible adult. It's whether society and parents
*know* that, which I question... Anyway, it's not so much "watch your
step" but "take targets of opportunity to make things slightly better";
don't use *entirely* blind mature links, and keep trans-PG material out of
the *subject lines* if not the message bodies. Aside from that, if it's
SL4 stuff, go right ahead.

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