Re: Singularity and the general public

From: Christian L. (
Date: Fri Apr 06 2001 - 17:31:38 MDT

Elezier wrote:

>"Christian L." wrote:
> >
> > You are free to call me an elitist, since I feel that this decision is
> > made by the elite (us) than by the uninformed masses.
>Why is it that, every time anyone ever divides humanity into the "elite"
>and the "masses", they always wind up categorizing themselves as one of
>the elite?

I take it you haven't been to Sweden? The Socialist politicians here make
this distinction all the time, while saying that they are part of the
"masses" (working-class). Here, everyone wants to be in the "masses".

>Well, you're free to call yourself the elite, just as I'm free to look at
>the sentence above and decide that you're being pushed around by
>elementary group-polarization forces, thus placing firm upper bounds on
>your probable levels of self-awareness and knowledge of evolutionary

Freedom is certainly nice. However, regardless of my probable levels of
self-awareness, my argument is still that most people do not want the
singularity and that it is not automatically a good thing to inform the
public. I noted while rummaging through the archives that this topic has not
been debated much at all, and I personally feel that this is one of the most
important aspects of getting to the singularity. A openly hostile public
could end our chances of reaching the singularity in our lifetime.


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