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Date: Fri Apr 06 2001 - 16:10:04 MDT

You see *laughing* when I wanted to learn genetic algorithms and genetic
programming I started with Holland and Koza's papers. I hate 'dumbed-down'
things.... Do not say 'off course'...
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> Arona Ndiaye wrote:
> > With all due respect Chris, should I need to 'tear down' a Chevy 350
> > I would spend time & sweat on learning anything I can about engines
(even if
> > it takes me 3 years) before asking for help... or I'd ask someone else
to do
> > it. I wouldn't expect someone to dumb it down for me.
> ???
> Of course you would expect someone to "dumb it down" for you, wouldn't
> That's the best way to learn!
> When you want to learn physics, you don't (unless you already have a very
> background in advanced mathematics or something) go to the library and
start reading
> scientific journals. You start with a textbook that explains everything
in a step
> by step fashion, and you supplement it with various popular science books
by people
> like Stephen Hawkings, to get an idea of the big picture issues at a level
you can
> grasp without advanced technical knowledge. Later, if you get really good
at it,
> you can read the actual scientific papers written by the leaders in the
> If I wanted to learn to tear down a Chevy 350, I wouldn't go right out
> and get the technical specifications manual and start puzzling over
> it. I wouldn't just grab a hammer and hacksaw and start opening it
> up, either. I'd look for a good book on the subject, hopefully
> including lots of easy-to-understand diagrams and step-by-step
> explanations.
> And I'd *start* by "asking for help", which would mean taking a class
> at a local community college.
> I might even look on the web, but if I found a site that didn't suit
> my current context of knowledge, I'd bookmark it and look for
> something more basic, something to get me up to speed. Maybe there's
> a mailing list where I could meet people like Chris, friendly people
> eager to help out the 'newbie' to their field.
> It's much faster to learn in this way. Why waste 3 years learning a
> mechanical task? If you need to learn it, you can learn it in just a
> few months if you are willing to ask for help.
> --Jimbo
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