Re: Gender-Neutrality 2 : 'It' Strikes Back (Cert: PG)

From: Arctic Fox (
Date: Thu Apr 05 2001 - 06:56:20 MDT

>(2) The other suggestion was to distinguish the different meanings of 'it'
>with colour or font changes. I really think colour could be put to more
>creative use in text. Colour-coding subjects at the paragraph level would
>really aid the reader in navigating a document. You could quickly skim
>ideas you're already familiar with and rapidly jump to the next point
>without having to read it first.
>Paragraph folding is another thing I think would aid the reader. For more
>detail they click on the plus sign and more detail is added to the page.
>Think of it as textual level-of-detail. (A couple of meta tags and a
>little javascript would do the trick.)

What next? Flash file intro's on the Low Beyond :)

I agree with the idea of using colour coding for ease of navigating large
documents - humans are essentially visual creatures. But can we please not
use colour to give meaning to a word? It creates problems when printing
(some of us still have b&w printers) and manipulating the text (quoting,
e-mailing, swapping between operating systems etc).

Paul, who still thinks the simplicity of gopherspace was best

Like computer viruses, successful mind viruses will tend to be hard for
their victims to detect. If you are the victim of one, the chances are that
you won't know it, and may even vigorously deny it. Richard Dawkins

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