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>You can also find the [Friendly AI reading] list at:

Wow, including a *great Jack Chalker novel*. WOW!

SPOILERS (and you wouldn't want to SPOIL a GREAT JACK CHALKER NOVEL)

>From a web review at

< The first book tells about how Nathan Brazil and his companions
accidently drop through a Markovian Gate into the Well World shortly after
it was re-opened by a pair of twisted mathematical geniuses. They all make
a mad chase to the central computer control, with universal domination the
prize of whoever gets there first.

But when they enter, they find that it is far beyond their comprehension.
The second [recommended for our instruction by Eliezer]
and third books take place about fifty years later and deal with
an evil dictator who has gotten ahold of a mathematician who has cracked
the Markovian Equations. Because this mathematician has principles, the
dictator kidnaps his daughter to use as a lever.

Mavra Chang, a mercenary, is hired to ferret out the dictator's plans and
gets involved in rescuing the daughter. In doing so, they all wind up
getting drawn to the Well World in an experiment gone wrong. There they go
through all kinds of adventures trying to recover the two rockets that
would enable them to go back to the dictator's base. The dictator is
killed, but his assistant nearly takes everything over before being
overcome by his own overgrown ego. >


Damien Broderick

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