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From: Gordon Worley (
Date: Fri Mar 30 2001 - 23:17:09 MST

At 10:27 PM -0700 3/30/01, James Higgins wrote:
>Wow, you must know a completely different lot of people than I do.
>The people I know actually speak up when they don't understand
>something. And, I do apologize, but I simply can't believe* that
>anyone could read this without even noticing the use of the v
>pronouns. They stood out like a sore thumb when I was first reading
>this stuff, so I went and found out what they meant. But I still
>notice them, especially when trying to write about it and I keep
>wondering if I'm using the correct spelling or whatever.

I guess that my part of the universe must be very differnt from
yours. When I first came across a document using the v pronouns, I
adopted them immediately. After just a paragraph I had no trouble
using them. It just seemed obvious to me what they were for and at
the time I had not read anything else that used them. I think that I
was only stopped the first time I read ve, because I had to think of
what this word could be for, but I soon realized and moved on. I
guess that other people must just do the same (or at in some places).

Also, when I've explained the v pronouns to people, many have liked
the idea. It makes it much easier to talk about a person in general
without having to think about gender issues. He makes me think male,
she female, and ve, neutral. Plus, they're a real life saver when
you know someone's name but because they are of a different
nationality can't tell gender from the name.

Maybe we should compare demographics. The people I associate with
are generally other students near my age, teachers, and the people I
program with on projects over the Internet.

I have only ever had one negative response to using v pronouns, and
it was making fun of me, thinking that I made a typo or was writing
in germanish-english.

Finally, to be honost, I find it pretty amazing myself that people
could read past v pronouns, but I have had several people do this on

Gordon Worley
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