Re: Gender Neutral Pronouns

From: Gordon Worley (
Date: Fri Mar 30 2001 - 15:51:27 MST

At 9:25 AM -0700 3/30/01, James Higgins wrote:
>Dogs are not gender neutral, but that works just fine. And, last I
>checked, dogs had minds. If someone went up to your puppy and blew
>it away with a shotgun, the newspaper headlines would read "Puppy
>murdered in cold blood".

I clarified this in an earlier post. It is for dumb matter and i
even included dogs as an example. There is a big difference between
dumb matter and smart matter. Now, some matter is smart but we don't
realize it, so it gets the wrong pronoun, but that's generally how it
is decided.

Of course, there are exceptions where emotion comes into play and
humans want their things to be like people, but that is entirely
different from the issue that we are dealing with.

Gordon Worley
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