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From: Fredy A. Hernández (
Date: Fri Mar 30 2001 - 06:13:02 MST

> > Gender-neutral writing need not be tortured. And gender neutral
> > writing about AIs is particularly easy, as compared to gender neutral
> > writing about humans. The difficulty with humans is that they *do*
> > have a gender, but we may not wish to specify which gender. That
> > makes for a _slightly_ difficult situation, particularly for
> > inexperienced or clumsy writers.
> Human gender is a multidimensional spectrum of reality that fits only
> clumsily into the dyadic Male/Female categories, and people have been
> surgically mutilated at birth in attempts to deny this. Even with humans,
> there is a need for a gender neutral pronoun, and it will only become
> stronger as our options increase. 'Ve' works. Read a few Egan short
> collections, you soon get used to it.
> > There is no such difficulty when writing about AIs. Because they are
> > biological humans, they _do not have a gender_. Therefore, we can use
> 'it'.
> > Eliezer claims that using "it" gets to be too difficult and confusing,
> > but I strongly disagree.
> 'It' isn't just grammatically restrictive, it's the wrong word. 'It'
> something non-mind. A brick. A photon. A tree. Anything far enough
> the complexity scale that the idea of 'murder' does not apply. I would be
> uncomfortable applying this word to any possibly conscious AI.
> > If anyone can come up with an example of a thought that can't clearly be
> > expressed using normal English words, but for which 've/ver' helps...
> please do so.
> Anything -can- be expressed using he, she, it and they, but it's an ugly
> hack if you don't -mean- he, she, it or they. Any suggestion that people
> use language more comfortable to them if and only if it is an absolute
> gramattical necessity has the tone of special pleading.

if this help, in spanish we use articles to refer such things. For this
case, it will be "the" FAI

Fredy a. Hernández

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