Re: Hello, is there anybody home?

From: Durant Schoon (
Date: Mon Mar 26 2001 - 13:40:44 MST

> From: James Higgins <>
> The worst description I've heard to date is that all of these
> individuals just become sub-goals of the almighty Sysop.

"Just" become? I hope you didn't get that idea from my posts. I see no
conflict with expanding individual liberty by orders of magnitude
*and* having every computation be a subgoal of Friendliness.
Personally, I'm a self described anti-conformist freak (which reminds
me, I should send a JOIN post...probably when The Mummy Returns pun intended).

If all goes well, post-singularity, I'll probably construct a Matrix-like
psychedellic dystopian carnival called Ironyville and wallow in the Sorrow
of Ages...for a little while anyway :) My point is, I've been taking it for
granted that we'll all be able to create our own hermetically sealed VR
wonderlands and live out our most libertine and exotic fantasies in perfect
isolation if we wish. (Well, if you give me 5 Republic Credits and you are
as tall as this sign, you can take a tour of my demented inner-psyche).
Seriously, though, this list doesn't seem like the place to discuss those
particular details (though they are probably SL4).

I mostly want to avoid any chance of a super powerful (and lethal)
playground bully and still be able to do almost anything I want. The
friendly Sysop scenario sounds like the best bet. And no, no one will
be forced to learn the words to Kum Bay Ah...especially not the verse
that goes "All your base are mine".


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