Re: Envisioning sysop scenarios Re: Universal Uplift as an alternativeto the Sysop scenario

From: Brian Atkins (
Date: Sat Mar 24 2001 - 23:11:32 MST

Durant Schoon wrote:
> Can we reasonably speculate on the likelihood of these three? I'd be
> interested to hear what people think. Are there EUFSI's and FSI's out
> there? Could our Sysop defend vimself against a smarter EUFSI? I'd say
> no, almost by definition. So if our Sysop is dedicated to self
> preservation, it seems reasonable to me, that ve will constantly be
> trying to get more resources for computronium and also trying to
> improve the efficiency of current computronium stores. The only reason
> ve wouldn't, is if the likely existence of EUFSI's is extremely low
> and doesn't warrant the work. Of course a EUFSI would like you to
> think that, wouldn't it ;)

One far-out possibility is that it turns out that it is possible to "tunnel"
out of our universe into whatever is "above" it, and that the other adjacent
universes have physics that make for better computing (or some other major
advantage). Then we get to them, and find out that all the previous SIs
have already gotten there first. (ripped out of Diaspora)

Other possibles are that the lightspeed barrier is not breakable, in which
case no one nearby may have even realized we are here yet. (unlikely... you'd
think they would have tech all scattered about the galaxy and woulda known
about our planet billions of years ago) I have a hard time coming up with
a reason that "hidden SIs" would sit around and watch us evolve without
revealing themselves. Unless it's some bizarre form of entertainment for

I think it does make sense that the Sysop might try to explore the galaxy
itself just to check it out, but who knows.. it might decide to wait here
in the solar system for a little bit until it thinks it has maxed out its
intelligence per quark just in case it runs into something nasty.

If there is no detectable intelligent life besides us in this galaxy, and
apparently no where it could have gone (other universes, etc.), that makes
me strongly believe we are in a simulation. But on the other hand the
increasing evidence of dead life on Mars would seem to point the other
way... in which case- where the heck are they?

Brian Atkins
Director, Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence

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