Re: "all your base" - distress call, or attack?

From: Arona Ndiaye (
Date: Thu Mar 22 2001 - 06:08:07 MST

Warm greetings,

It came from a Sega (I think) game console game where the translation
included such gems as:
"All your base are belong to us !!"
"Someone set us up the bomb"
I will ship the link when I get back to my laptop with my normal
avorites( within 5-8 hours)... I've got a link to a site with more than 50
cases where various sentences from the game characters are used... That site
also has screenshots etc...

Most kind regards,

P.S: I shall introduce myself at some point.

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> >Does this whole "all your base are belong to us" thing strike anyone else
> >as being totally inexplicable? Even I'm using it.
> !!!
> I heard (well, read) someone use that phrase at the Motley Fool discussion
> boards! Where the heck is it coming from if I have seen it in two of my
> communication forums? Does someone else on this list post at the Fool?
> hmmm
> Gabe
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