Re: How To Live In A Simulation

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Sun Mar 18 2001 - 23:17:04 MST

> James Higgins wrote: Borg is not my idea of an ideal future.

The problem with the Borg is that its a trap, a one way
trip, a roach motel. What if we could voluntarily join
a Borg, play in that until we were satisfied, then get back
out to our individual existence at will? Wouldnt that be
way cool?

What if we had a job where we could learn some
super specialized task, every nuance and detail. Then
we go to work every day, at a workstation in our home
for instance, by putting on a helmet that lets one communicate
with any other Borg member, see what they see, hear
what they hear and vice versa.

For instance, I have an obscure make of motorcycle with
a known design flaw in the secondary gear case which
could make the back wheel lock, which can spoil your
day if it happens at highway speed. I recently rebuilt
mine, so now I know the exact order each bolt hasta
come off and how to do every little thing. If we could
form a Borg, I could effectively transmit my experience-
gained knowledge to other owners of this bike, so
they could rebuild their secondary gear boxes. No
one need leave their home. {Which I suppose would
obviate the bike, but this is just an example.}

How many of you have voluntarily lost your individuality
in a crowd, specifically something like a marching band?
There is a feeling that is sooooo wicked cool, from being
a part of a bigger unit that is getting it done, that is wailing,
that is greater than the self. We should have something like
a Borg that you check into when you want and check
back out of when you want. The only reason the Star
Trek Borg gets such bad press is that it isnt voluntary
or easily reversible. spike

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