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From: Gordon Worley (
Date: Fri Mar 16 2001 - 13:33:44 MST

At 9:12 AM -0700 3/16/01, James Higgins wrote:
>Has anyone considered the possibility of using simulations to
>generate offspring? Brief thought on the subject makes me think
>that spawning *new* life after the Singularity might be difficult.
>Can you imagine a 3 year old (our relative time frame) with godlike
>capability? And how would a 3 year old communicate with super
>intelligence? I suppose they could start new beings at a more
>advanced stage, but then is it really new or is some of the
>underlying mentality just reworked? I've been thinking that the
>simple answer (certainly not from *our* perspective) may be to just
>simulate the pre-singularity world and have them evolve into AI like
>we will/have.
>By the way, has anyone given any thoughts to what happens to kids
>when we discover the Singularity? I've put a hold on the
>possibility of our having kids for the moment due to this line of
>thought. Assuming we are in the *real* world and will be the first
>to get to the singularity, I am fairly worried about what happens to
>individuals deemed too young to evolve. Has anyone else thought
>about this?

To me, this seems to largely be a non issue. Post Singularity, there
will not be much need for children (why would an SI need children
when ve can split verself into seperate streams temporarily when
necessary). If an SI did need children, just start a new seed AI.
Any SI is going to have to be able to reprogram verself, so there
would be no destincion between who started out as an AI and who was
post human.

It should be possible to upload children and just treat them like we
would a seed AI: not fully developed yet but with lots of potential.
Plus, you have to consider the age. I would say that a child under 3
years old is not really something worth uploading, since they have
not yet developed to a point where they might be something other than
just another baby mentally. In fact, I would say that for several
years still it would be until a child had developed enough to be
really worth uploading. If uploaded younger, they would all be
pretty much the same because they haven't had enough time to gain
many experiences and develop a clearly defined personality. Of
course, many people never really develop a personality and just do
whatever everyone else tells them to, but then Eliezer brought up
about being iconoclasts not to long ago, so those people who aren't
probably won't care to upload (since they're human friends won't tell
them to).

Also, the simulation thing is similar to what I wrote several posts
ago in this thread, but since then have thought that there wouldn't
really be a need to do that. It would just be a waste of resources
unless there were some sort of mental stagnation going on and the
only way around it was to run simulations that might produce
something novel to push the SIs forward.

Gordon Worley
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