RE: Military in or out?

From: John Smart (
Date: Tue Feb 27 2001 - 23:47:38 MST

Mark Walker wrote:

> If life always emerges out of chaos still
> we would need further proof that it is always life like the stuff on
> earth--e.g., carbon based.

Mark, it might be worth signing up for a copy of Wolfram's, A New Kind of
Science. It will be published shortly, and will be worth owning. CA's
provide an excellent example of systems where initial conditions can support
both chaos and a kind of predetermined emergent order of the meta substrates
in their evolutionary development. Run the systems multiple times, and the
evolutionary paths to the emergent attractors will be different, but many of
the attractors will not be strange, many will be predetermined as mentioned.
If you've played Conway's Life you've seen this as well. If you want to
understand why CAs may be the best computational simulation of the present
universe, I won't argue that here -- you'll have to wait for Wolfram's book.
You won't have to wait long.


John Smart
Understanding Accelerating Change

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