the first artificially evolved language?

From: Patrick McCuller (
Date: Mon Feb 26 2001 - 14:04:50 MST

"In this experiment, each agent could send a binary message (a short string of
ones and zeroes) to a central message board, and could also perceive the
messages of the other three agents. With this rudimentary communications
framework and no formal language, groups of agents were thrown into random
configurations and allowed to pursue their prey for five thousand moves. The
programs of the most successful agents were then cross-bred and thrown into
new random situations, repeat chorus. In the early phases of the experiment,
the messages on the message board were essentially random, but because the
agents were designed to try different strategies, and because the ones with
the most successful strategies propagated while the least successful died out,
they evolved a language over time that allowed them to coordinate their hunt."

Patrick McCuller

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