Re: Military in or out?

From: Brian Phillips (
Date: Mon Feb 26 2001 - 06:31:44 MST

  Um where do I start....
<<Well, duh! I think that the military is more interested in clones>
 Well some military personnel are interested in them. As a means
of reproduction. :) This sort of thing is hardly smiled on by
the Joint Chiefs however. Who are happily married and hoping
that Junior will attend the Academy just like his father.
  Otherwise Eliezar is right.
  I get to work with lots of interesting types ...and the closest
thing to "radical transhumanist" research going on is calorically
restricted monkey colony down the road at NIH. Not that isn't
FASCINATING stuff of course with mad applications in
life extension research.
  Cloning (in the biomedical as opposed to "whole body
clone" sense) as a technology is interesting to the military as a
"medical" technique..cloning skin grafts and neural tissues
for use in rehabilitating vets and soldiers who have suffered
traumas. Possibly stem-cell work for helping out the geriatric
veterans with degenerative nerve disorders. Especially if it
can be done without embryonic destruction. This sort of thing
is mostly over at NIH and it's associated organs.
   The military is also vaguely interested in cryo and stasis
technologies, say if you have a sailor or marine who suffers
catastrophic wounds while on an isolated duty platform.
Similarly NASA and the DoD collaborate on telemedicine
issues. But again's all keyed to the mission.
  Hardly Darth Maul though. ..


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