Re: Military in or out?

From: Brian Phillips (
Date: Sun Feb 25 2001 - 20:50:20 MST

Eliezer ,
  The "fine research minds" you refer to are following orders.
Or else they are transferred to somewhere else in the Maze.
It is hard for someone outside the system to really "grok"
the amount of administriva that infects EVERYTHING the
Fed touchs. Though you may have a vantage point from the
"outside" I don't.

   I will grant that dealing with the antiquated computer
systems in BuMed's area of influence has made me rather
cynical about military AI attempts. Perhaps unjustifiably

  I would point out however that
"That is the disaster scenario for military development
 - research minds smart enough to develop AI and superior
 officers dumb enough to screw up Friendliness"
assumes the dumb officers won't decide to reorganize
the project along "rational" "service-oriented" lines and
jack up the development process LONG before the
AI has an attitude of any sort. I see this sort of thing
constantly I tell you! LOL.

As far as the "military/industrial complex" when I use
this phrase I mean the "fact" that defense contracters
and the Defense procurement/administration infrastructure
are where many career military folks end up after they
retire. It's just common knowledge. "Don't piss off the
senior noncoms and officers ...they may be interviewing
you after you separate."

  I work with many folks who joined for just that reason.
All the senior non-coms weigh this sort of thing when they
retire. It's just the Way Things Are. From the inside anyway.

On another note are the line breaks any better?


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