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From: Brian Phillips (
Date: Sun Feb 25 2001 - 19:45:32 MST

Hello all,
  As suggested on the listpage I am introducing myself.
  I wandered over here from Extropia and the Fountain Society
 in the hopes of finding some more productive brainstorming going on.
  I reside in DC. I'm probably a SL3 on Eli's scale.
   I am finishing up a degree in biology and philosophy after a
period of "independant reflection" in my early 20s. After a stint
navigating aircraft and finishing up a Master's in Space Studies
I'm going to med school. I am finding that a medical education
is essential for understanding the publications on preventative
and gerontological medicine neccessary to actualize medical
  Like I suspect most of the people on this list are, I am bright.
How bright is a good question since my readings in psychometry
seem to indicate intelligence beyond the top half of the 99th percentile
is difficult to quantify. The study of intelligence, it's quantification,
amplification, and expression is a personal passion.
  I am a voracious reader and intellectual omnivore.
  I am a rabid enthusiast of Qing Dynasty neijiaquan martial arts,
Ba Gua Zhang in particular. Much of my interest in respiratory physiology
transformative/adaptive anatomy reflects my interest in rationalizing and
expanding the classic concept of Ch'i. I am also deeply interested
in exploring the neglected areas of tactile sensation and it's neural basis
in electrophysiology and entrainment of rational hyper-efficent movement
   I have a pet transhuman project I am planning that I rant about from
time to time
   I tend to emotionally favour superhuman intelligence built on genetic
improvements and biotechnology or cyborg style wetware/dryware
combinations. Perhaps this is a meat fetish.
  This is one reason why I suspect I am only at SL3.
  Understanding that this may be connected to my relative ignorance
in matters infomatic I am working to remedy this. As is E's
"CaTAI" is rather impenetrable to me. But give me time. :)

If I missed any of the usual intro points tell me and I will elaborate.

d e e p b l u e h a l o

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