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Date: Sun Feb 25 2001 - 05:20:02 MST

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> Brian Atkins wrote:
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> > Has a new article from him re: the Singularity:
> >
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> This is a very nice intro article - may save SIAI some work.

     Yah, it's pretty good. But I wonder why it wasn't in "Age of Spiritual
Machines". A lot of this article is just a restatement of the exponential
growth stuff in that book; but in the book, he doesn't refer to the
singularity at all. He apparently knew about it, since Vinge's 1993 article
is in the bibliography. I wrote him to ask why - after laying out such a
good history of accelerating change - he ducked the issue. (Not in those
words, of course.) I got no reply. I sent a second message asking what
happened to the first one, as it hadn't bounced, but got no answer to that
one either. I'm glad at least he finally had the courage to examine the
logical result of all that exponential change he did such a good job of
describing in "Spiritual Machines".

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