Friendly AI Bibliography: A Submission and Request

From: John Smart (
Date: Mon Feb 12 2001 - 15:11:12 MST

Hi All,

As Eli and several of you know, I'm writing a book on the singularity which
includes quite a few references on the issues of stability, morality, and
interdependence in emerging computational complexity, independent of
substrate. I feel that each of these three issues can be independently
analyzed, and consider them to be the heart of the Friendly AI question. If
any of you are not on my mailing list at, I hope you'll
join, even though postings will remain quite sparse until my book is done.

Durant asked about books on the topic of friendly AI. I recommend "Origins
of Virtue" by Ridley. It's short and well worth reading. "Unto Others" by
Sober is also valuable, though less focused. To go beyond this would
involve a long list of increasingly fractionated and disparate sources, and
is perhaps better left till later. Yet I'm very interesed in other favorite
references that SL4 might suggest, especially focused and short (under 200
pages) treatments like Ridley's, in any substrate (cosmological, biological,
memetic, technologic). If you'd like to be an early reviewer of my upcoming
book, let me know in your join email, if you decide to get on my list.

In Joy,

John Smart
Understanding Accelerating Change

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