RE: friendly ai

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Mon Jan 29 2001 - 07:14:58 MST


> > "One of" the goals? Why does an AI need anything else? Friendliness
> > isn't just a goal that's tacked on as an afterthought; Friendliness is
> > *the* supergoal - or rather, all the probabilistic supergoals are
> > Friendship material - and everything else can be justified as a
> subgoal of
> > Friendliness.
> >
> It seems like a pretty limited SI if its only goal is Friendliness.
> Some other goals like to explore the universe or expand its
> understanding and create interesting things would seem to be almost a
> requirement of a real intelligence. For that matter I would expect a
> real SI to have the ability to formulate its own goals including
> questioning deeply even the pre-defined supergoal. And Friendliness to
> what? Only to humans? What about other sentiences when/if it
> encounters them?

This is basically my point, yeah.

But then, if you accept that friendliness to humans is just one among many
important goals, then, you have to see that there's room for AI's to evolve
in such a way
that the importance of friendliness to humans to them gradually decreases,
as they become
more & more interested in non-human things


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