Friendliness design philosophy for beginners

From: Mitchell Porter (
Date: Sun Jan 28 2001 - 19:53:32 MST

It seems to me that the basic principle is

  Whatever goals you want your super-AI to have,
  make them subgoals of a Friendliness supergoal.

And that the important observation which backs
this up is that survival and intelligence are
natural subgoals of Friendliness, because

  (i) if it's dead, the AI can't be actively Friendly
  (ii) if it's dumb, the AI can't be effectively

So a Friendly AI is not *obviously* disadvantaged
with respect to 'survivalist' or 'scientist' AIs.

At any rate, this is the thirty-second summary
I will use if I ever have to explain what
Friendliness amounts to as a design principle.
Unless someone can give me a better description.

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