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From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Sat Jan 27 2001 - 22:35:46 MST

Hello all,

This is a bit of a shot in the dark, but, here goes...

My company, Webmind Inc., (, is looking to hire a
mathematican with strong computer skills,
to work with us in our New York office, beginning as soon as possible.
Foreign nationals are fine, as long
as you have a university degree we can get you an H1-B visa, though it can
take a little bit of time as is well
known. Prior to the H1-B coming through, there is the possiblity of working
for us at a distance.

Desired knowledge and skills are

        -- familiarity with dynamical systems theory
        -- conceptual understanding of complex dynamical systems
        -- experience simulating complex systems on the computer
        -- knowledge of object-oriented design
        -- knowledge of Java
        -- fairly extensive programming experience

Of course, it has proved hard to far to find a candidate with all these
qualifications, so if you have some but
not others, you may still be considered. So far we've got a bunch of
resumes, but I haven't found someone
whom I'm really psyched about for the position.

The position isn't a heavyweight programming position; it involves trying to
figure out, tune, and design
the dynamics of an extremely complex dynamical system involving millions of
variables (i.e. the webmind AI
system). This is done through studying simulations, and through playing
around and changing things in the
actual Webmind codebase (which is why some familiarity with OO coding is

Anyway, if you know anyone who might be suitable for this job, please let me

After another month or so of search, at most, we'll select an applicant and
make a job offer...



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