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From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Wed Jan 24 2001 - 14:21:30 MST wrote:
> In Hans Moravec's Robot, the SuperIntelligences or SuperIntelligence; sweeps through the universe at near lightspeed, and over takes environments, objects, and civilizations. Their mass is converted into computational machinery and power. These environments, people, spaceships; are then re-created, entirely, in virtuality. All this at a micro-fraction of the orginal object's mass. The items in question would probably not know what hit them for a long time. Is that a Singularity?

Are you sure that is in Moravec's book? I don't think he explicitly
mentions an SI sweeping through the universe much less claim that it
moves at near lightspeed. He does talk about Tipler's ideas (which are
much more inline with the above) in passing. But I don't think he
explicitly talked SI or in these terms. But perhaps my memory is
faulty. Can you point me to this? I don't believe he talks about
everything being recreated in virtuality as a serious eventuality
although he may dabble with it in his Mind Storms chapter.


> "All in all, its just another brick in the Wall"
> --------------------------------
> <<A thought occurs to me. Perhaps there is no wall. What I mean by this
> is that if one's own consciousness becomes augmented/expanded roughly in
> step with the advance of technology then there may be no point where the
> technological explosion exceeds one's consciousness by such a factor as
> to constitute an opaque wall. The wall exists for us if we stand still
> relatively while the technology moves forward. Now it is quite likely
> that we would not be able to dump old outmoded patterns and incorporate
> new ones fast enough to keep up with the freshly created sentiences, so
> at some point it is likely we would fall enough behind to experience the
> wall. Does this line of thinking make sense? Can anything be made of
> it?>>
> <<

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