Other useful links (was "Technological Singularity" by V.V.)

From: Joakim Almgren Gāndara (claw@lords.com)
Date: Wed Jan 24 2001 - 06:34:42 MST

The service at this place is astounding. Rest assured that I shall recommend
it to my friends. On a more serious note; why not add links to
www.singularity.org and www.singularitywatch.com while you're at it? They
contain some variations on the explanations of the Singularity that I've
seen so far.
    I've often thought that the Singularitarians (and co) seem a bit
unorganized and fractionalized. Maybe some reciprocal linking could put an
end to this.

- Joaquim Gāndara
. http://www.ite.mh.se/~joaal98/

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> Aye aye, sir.
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