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Date: Tue Jan 16 2001 - 14:28:37 MST

anyone ever read "beyond this horizon" by heinlein?

the intro page sounds a bit like the group in that book,
that was seeking to force evolution through a state-controlled genetic
engineering program.

some examples (from the page):

"II. Our aim is to create a genetically enhanced race that will
eventually become a new, superior species. In the short-term, this will be
achieved via eugenics and genetic engineering."

"V. Any eugenics' program has equal validity to use the state's coercive
power to improve human genetic capital. Genetic capital is now more valuable
than land and/or territory aside from some scarce resources. DNA or genetic
capital is the most valuable commodity in the universe."

"I. The danger of curing the effects of genetic disease through postnatal
intervention, and the accumulation of bad genes, is equivalent to allowing
toxins to build up in the environment and curing them with vitamin
supplements. Resources must not be wasted on curing disease when it is more
cost effective to merely eliminate the disease from the genetic capital of
the eugenic nation. We can easily live with numerous minor genetic flaws,
but it should never be policy to correct obviously adverse genetic diseases
when they can be detected and eliminated from the gene pool, even though
that is not our primary goal."

(so, to hell with, say, stephen hawking, right?)

"III. Neither any single woman nor man must be forced to procreate or to
spend time raising children. The genes of the group flow in all of us, and
resource acquisition is as important as having children to the success of
the group. That is, it is each person's choice where to contribute. It may
be more beneficial to hire breeders for having the children rather than
force women who prefer an intellectual life over being pregnant. And the
same with raising children. Group goals are met by everyone becoming a
specialist in what they do best, as long as it contributes in some way."

(so, going with what eli has said on his page, by this plan everyone would
be at a net evolutionary disadvantage)

"VI. Allegiance and patriotism to the group takes precedence before
attachment to one's religion or patriotism to the country where one just
happens to reside. Going to war for the state because of shared loyalties is
dysgenic. Only patriotism to the eugenic state requires your sacrifice and

(that brought a chuckle...what, a eugenic military?)

(snip most of this paragraph)
"The only traits to be altered during the first genesis shall be an increase
in overall intelligence, typical intellectual engagement(TIE), and
(more snip)

(so, genetically controlled patriotism)

and at the bottom, you will find it is part of the "eugenics, genetic
engineering, cloning and transhumanist" webring

hmm. maybe this is knee jerk, but i thought we (or maybe it was extropy) had
shot down eugenics?

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