RE: Diaspora, the future of AI & value systems, etc.

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Mon Dec 11 2000 - 20:15:39 MST

Freud, as you may know, began his career by trying to reduce mind to brain
function. Neuroscience wasn't up to it yet; he was reduced to some fairly
weak thermodynamics analyses.

I don't think that psychology is dying, or that it's being replaced by
science or neuroscience. Rather, it is being ~transformed~ and vastly
by advances in computing and brain science, but it still remains its own
and I suspect it will continue to do so, because its topic of study, mind,
is different
from the topic of study of AI or neuroscience...


> > > The basic problem here is that psychology is a dying
> > field. It is being
> > > replaced by cognitive science. Ultimately, by a physical
> > understanding of the
> > > nature of the human brain and its functions and dysfunctions.
> I should perhaps have said cognitive neuroscience. People
> are finally
> beginning to realize that the mind is a function of the brain.
> They can work
> backward from the brain's structure to reveal truths about the mind. By
> working in both directions, knowing that mindful structures must be
> represented and supported by brainful structures, we can see the
> creation of
> an overlap field. A field of study that has more to reveal about
> human nature
> than either neuroscience or psychology could accomplish alone.

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