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From: Gordon Worley (redbird@rbisland.cx)
Date: Sun Dec 10 2000 - 22:38:10 MST

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Per the suggestion of the Web page for this mailing list, I'm sending
out a join message, in total disregard for modesty and normal e-mail
manners. Thus, there will be no apology for the pimping that ensues

Firstly, I admit that I'm a senior in high school who has read his
fair share of science fiction and am an accomplished hacker, having
written several programs half asleep and all in one sitting. I know
a lot (certainly more than the average person), but I'm humble (but
not modest :-)) enough to admit that there is a lot more for me to

I've made it to high SL4 because, for whatever reason, once I believe
something is possible that is the same thing, for me, as accepting it
as something that will happen and become bored with it once I learn
about it. That is why I like to read fantasy, too, since it is
impossible and can get me excited.

I have OCD, but be glad. It is probably the best thing ever, since
it makes me think differently and have a different (okay, better)
perspective on everything.

I am a master of Tetris. I'm probably one of the best players of the
game on the planet and have logged hundreds of hours playing the game
in various forms. It is a form of meditation, where I can think
about other things while keeping the physical parts of me focused on
playing the game.

I bring with me a knowledge of linguistics, AI, the depths of
Macintosh history and culture (in other words, I can r00t y0|_|Rz M@<
anytime ;-)), and the ability to type almost as quickly as I can
think (which is pretty fast).

Oh, and I am, of course, the sexiest guy on the planet.

I've left lots of stuff out just because it's late, and I can't
remember everything. Plus, some stuff would seem modest, so I'm not
going to include it.

If I wasn't unmodest enough, flame me and I'll come back once I think
of some less modest things to write.
- --
Gordon Worley
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