RE: The inevitable limitations of all finite minds....

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Fri Nov 24 2000 - 09:15:40 MST

"Requires the attention of all sane human beings..." is pretty strong...

I think that most people are not sufficiently open-minded to be convinced to
take a notion
like the Singularity seriously

Opening up human minds is a huge task in itself, and the place to start if
one wants to take
on this task is probably not with the Singularity...

Once Webminds, Eliezer-minds, or other reasonably intelligent AI's are out
there, the public
consciousness will get used to AI, and then the Singularity will become more
"thinkable" among
the majority of people...


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> Ben Goertzel wrote,
> > The Singularity is a powerful notion because it makes us question the
> > notions of mind, world, individuality,
> > intelligence, ethics, and so forth.
> Is technological singularity a "powerful notion" or is it an event that
> requires the attention of all sane human beings (ethical, intelligent,
> individual, worldly, and mindful folks everywhere).
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