Re: The inevitable limitations of all finite minds....

From: xgl (
Date: Thu Nov 23 2000 - 00:31:55 MST

        okay, let me get this straight. if by enlightenment we mean (very
roughly) understanding of self and by intelligence we mean (again, very
roughly) understanding of reality apart from self, then this seems to make
sense. since one can not observe all parts of oneself all the time (the
observed and the observer must be separate), one may always be able to
achieve greater self-understanding by devoting more computational
resources to observing oneself (though intuitively there's probably a
margin of diminishing returns looming over the horizon). in other words,
there's always an "unseen self" that can not be eliminated; furthermore,
this unseen self could potentially be a black hole into which the
individual devotes more and more computational resources, attempting to
observe verself more completely.

        but this sounds like another way of saying that omniscience is
impossible ... which, on this list, is surely not in dispute.


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