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From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Fri Nov 17 2000 - 10:30:15 MST wrote:
> This is a question more for the future. But if somebody gets uploaded, and
> stays inside their fantasy world, will not insanity result? Is this why there
> have been no repeated "signals" seti-wise. That civilizations join the Land
> of the Lotus Eaters and forget their primate orgins. If one spends their time
> as a artilectual rhomboid inside cybernetic, dimension -7, and forgets what
> its like to go to a bookstore and have coffee with a friend; won't this just
> serve to set us up for a bad end?

No, you wouldn't go insane, or at least no more so than most people are

The same questions have been asked about various new inventions of
humankind. It is far more likely that new challenges and interest will
occur as rich or richer than pre-upload. ET may not be interested in
talking to relative primitives but I doubt they have no external needs
at all. Someone has to keep the computational matrix running.

> I also have been seeing some TV shows about geological events in human
> history that sound like a Junior extinction event. One possibility it that if
> the area around Yellow Stone national park errupts, then the bio world
> changes bigtime because of lack of sunlight. Now, like in Diaspora, the
> issue was cosmic and gamma rays hitting life like a hammer; I wonder if even
> nano-tube networks could get messed-up, even though they are more resilient.
> Whether meat or carbo-silicate life, we need to not put our eggs in one
> basket, and we must stay plugged into reality somehow. A chore in itself.

If the Yellowstone super-caldera erupts most everyone within oh, 500
miles or so, dies with long-term major overcast for quite some time.
It would not be a "minor" event.

- samantha

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