Re: the 69 0f us

From: Simon Stuart (
Date: Thu Nov 16 2000 - 17:06:10 MST

As an IT project manager my responsibilities can encompass both hardware and
software issues. Having graduated from the software side this is where my
heart lies. My interest in the singularity started about 15 years ago when
I independently came to the conclusion that this would be the inevitable
apex of evolution. I was frustrated that so few people were able to grasp
the concept, or take it seriously. The first day I used the internet I
trawled for information on this subject and found Vernor Vinges singularity
essay. It was a revelation to put a name to the concept that had been
swirling around my head for so many years. I am now proud to be part of a
small group of intelligent, farsighted people who are not content merely to
watch the future sweep over them but take action to make it happen.


Sydney, Australia
(currently on assignment in Madison, NJ)

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