RE: Ben's "Extropian Creed"

From: Michael LaTorra (
Date: Tue Nov 14 2000 - 11:05:49 MST

The Minimal Living Space, or what Poul Anderson called one's Basic Share (in
his novel of immortals _Boat of a Million Years_) would seem to be the
social safety net of the post-Singularity future.

And it would seem to be essential that individuals not be permitted/able to
give away their MLS.

Nor could they give away their personal freedom. At least, not permanently.
As Ben has pointed out, there are a lot of people who derive (sexual)
pleasure from submitting in a slave-like fashion to a Dominant (sex)


Michael LaTorra

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> But I also think that there's a direct grounding for the Minimal
> Living Space
> idea in individual rights.

It's a very interesting idea.... Similar to the idea that, in a flesh
society, people
shouldn't be allowed to sell themselves into slavery. (In the US, we

But of course,
for some people, that's the only way they can get turned on -- I've seen the
ads in the
Village Voice ;>

This is definitely food for thought...


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