RE: Ben's "Extropian Creed"

From: Michael LaTorra (
Date: Mon Nov 13 2000 - 22:41:50 MST

I really enjoy discussing AI stuff with you guys, so I hope that the
differences in our
political views won't piss you off too much...

to be totally frank, I have to admit to being a bit too sensationalistic in
that article, in order to
get the publisher excited. Hey, I'm human too... as of now at any rate ;>

I don't mind a bit!
Diversity is one of those Extropian, evolutionary characteristics that are
absolutely necessary in the right degree. (What's the right degree? Like
Patrick McCuller said, no plutonium, please.)

I think we need perspectives like Ben's in order to steer the right course.


Michael LaTorra

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