RE: Ben's "Extropian Creed"

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Mon Nov 13 2000 - 21:57:41 MST

I don't know Zey's book, but it does look interesting

personally I believe that advanced AI's will complement rather than
subordinate humans

The analogy

        AI: humans
        humans: animals

is flawed because humans and animals compete for resources far more than AI
and humans will have to,
due to our different natures


> Have you considered the more benevolent form of Transhumanism
> (called "the
> Expansionary Theory") in Michael Zey's new book, _The Future
> Factor_? Link
> to <> for my review on
> Amazon.
> Zey advocates enhancing humans in definitely a Transhumanist way, but
> criticizes Moravec and Kurzweil for speculating that advanced AI's will
> subordinate humans. He points out that this scenario resembles the
> Neo-Luddite proposal to subordinate humans to other species or to
> "Gaia."
> Why do humans have to become subordinated to anything, he asks?
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