AIBO, 2nd generation

From: Joaquim Almgren Gandara (
Date: Mon Oct 16 2000 - 03:11:03 MDT

In case anyone's interested, the new Aibo is here. In case anyone hasn't
heard about the old one; it's an "intelligent" robot dog from Sony. In
case someone's wondering why I'm posting this message, I noticed
something rather interesting on the American Aibo website, namely that
"Sony's purpose in developing AIBO is to bring humans and robots closer
together. Sony does this by creating an artificial being as close to a
living creature as possible." In case you're still wondering, I thought
that this might be relevant to the question of AI rights (e.g. the
discussion about the game Creatures, etc, a while back) -- is this a
first step towards the acceptance of AIs as a true life form with the
same legal rights as humans?

In case you're wondering why every sentence in this e-mail begins with
"in case" -- I don't know; I guess I've been reading too much Hofstadter
or something. In case you're wondering what Hofstadter has to do with
it; Douglas Hoftstadter is interested in counterfactuals.

(In case you'd like to know who I am:)
  Joaquim Gandara <>

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