Neural computation breakthrough?

From: Cole Kitchen (
Date: Thu Oct 05 2000 - 01:45:44 MDT

Dr. John J. Hopfield, a professor at Princeton, claims to have discovered a
new computational principle enabling a neural network to recognize the
spoken word "one" when uttered by various voices under noisy conditions.
This new principle will be revealed in a paper to be published on December
14. In the meantime, he has opened a contest (offering modest cash prizes,
and running until December 1) in which participants are challenged to
deduce the new principle by studying and experimenting with a simulated
660-meuron mouse brain accessible via the Internet.

An October 3 New York Times article about this work is available for the
next few days at (you will have to go through a free
registration and temporarily enable cookies in order to access the
article). Click the "Science/Health" link in the left-hand column on the
NYT home page, and then look for the link to "A Rule of Thumb That
Unscrambles the Brain" below the MORE SCIENCE NEWS heading.

The neural simulation can be accessed at

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