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From: gabriel C (drachyneyes@hotmail.com)
Date: Sun Sep 17 2000 - 02:10:39 MDT

>Besides which, a real superintelligence, or maybe any random transhuman,
>probably escape through the surrounding humans. One line of text, printed
>a screen, is enough. As long as it's physically possible for the reader's
>brain to assume a state such that the SI is let out of the box...
>-- -- -- -- --
>Eliezer S. Yudkowsky http://intelligence.org/
>Research Fellow, Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence

or maybe not even that complicated.it could easily transmit itself on any
number of frequencies, from elf (extremely low frequency, used by subs)
to microwave transmission. some freqs reach around the world, like hf (high
frequency) and then it is everywhere...
there is simply no way to deal with it once it's here. our job is just
getting it here.

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