Re: Computer-aided? (was "no subject")

From: Joaquim Almgren Gāndara (
Date: Sat Sep 16 2000 - 13:26:28 MDT

> The newborn superintelligence connects itself to the phone system and banking
> system, sends a check to someone who owns a DNA synthesizer, the synthesized
> DNA gets shipped to a protein synthesizer, out come the organic nanomachines
> that synthesize the diamondoid nanomachines, ta-da, we're done. The humanfolk
> don't need to do anything except connect the modem.

So you're assuming that the seed AI will reach superhuman intelligence (or "superintelligence") on a computer designed by humans? Okay, I guess that might be plausible. I thought that the idea was to evolve not only the seed software in several steps, but also the hardware. My mistake.

- Joaquim

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