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Date: Thu Aug 17 2000 - 22:28:18 MDT

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On 18-Aug-2000 Mark Plus wrote:
>  Al Gore during his acceptance speech tonight sent me a couple of unintended
>  messages as he contributed his share to the Democrats' parade of victimized
>  Americans.

You actually sat through it?

>  Around 19:10 PST he pointed out an elderly woman in the audience whose only
>  income came from Social Security, and who had to spend half of this income
>  on medications while the evil pharmaceutical companies are allegedly making
>  "record profits."

As if that's a measure of how bad off *other* people are... :)

>  Two, the lesson for us younger people seems to be that we should buy shares
>  in these pharmaceutical companies now so that we can get their profitability
>  working in our favor as we build up the wealth base necessary to pay for the
>  radically more effective nanotech-, genomics- and stem cell-based
>  medications and therapies in the coming decades.  Unless, that is, Gore wins
>  the election and does something to screw the pharmaceutical companies out of
>  the rewards for the considerable entrepreneurial risks they are taking.

Note, of course, that Gore has no intention of screwing the
pharmaceutical companies (or rather, not the biggest ones).
Those companies will be the most interested group if more
regulation goes through, so you can bet that any such
regulation will benefit them more than the "average
American".  Your stocks aren't in danger.

There's another hidden assumption in your statement, though:
that stocks are somehow based on earnings or profits.  I
think recent history has shown that to be untrue; stock
prices are based on hype and fads far more than any
"analysis" of the future earnings of the companies involved.

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