AI testing and containment Re: [SL4] Programmed morality

From: Brian Atkins (
Date: Fri Jul 07 2000 - 10:33:56 MDT

petervoss1 wrote:
> > Probably the best solution is to let them learn the very real value of
> cooperation naturally. Put a group of them in a virtual environment with
> limited resources and they will have to learn how to share (and to lie &
> cheat). These are valuable lessons we all learn as children and should form
> part of a growing AI's education also. Only when they've demonstrated
> maturity do we give them any real freedom or power. They should then share
> many of our own values and want to build their own successors with similar
> (or superior) diligence. Anything less in unacceptably reckless.
> I agree that 'anything less' is risky, but I don't see that we have a choice
> (other than not doing AI):
> 1) General machine intelligence will invariably be connected to the Web
> during development & learning.
> 2) It seems that the only effective way to get true AI going is the seed
> route. In this scenario, there may not be a community of (roughly equal)
> AIs. Only one will bootstrap to superior intelligence.
> I am very concerned about the risks of run-away AI (unlike Eli I *do* care
> what happens to me). I'm desperately searching for ways of trying to predict
> (with whatever limited certainty) what goal system an AI might choose. Any
> ideas?

I would like to say two things, first off I don't agree with #1. Storage
will be so cheap by the time we are ready to try running the first seed
that we can store a huge chunk of the WWW (if not all of it- could this
be a new business opportunity in the future, selling copies of the WWW?)
locally and run the seed completely offline.

Secondly I agree with #2... I prefer some way of testing out slightly
different seeds. However to really test what an AI will do once it is
"loose" you would have to provide it with a quite awesome simulation
of the real world (Matrix-like) and then see what it does to the humans.
I don't think we will be able to do that even if we had the hardware.
So I would be interested to know of other possible ways to test what
the AI would do.

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