[SL4] your opinion on my aim

From: Sebastien (sebastienhein@sprint.ca)
Date: Tue May 16 2000 - 23:04:57 MDT

I'm Sébastien, starting an intensive computer networking course for a year and choosed to dedicate my life to Snguliarity. I have planned to help in the development of computer networking in populous oriental countries like India and Corea , to get a lot of people to do some open-source AI programming.
Do you think it would be possible do so (I don't know much about AI prog) ? Do you think this idea would have a positive impact on the coming of Singuliarity? If affirmative, do you know people who would be interrested joining such a crusade?
In brief, I would like to have good advices to make this project successfull.
amicably, Sébastien

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