[SL4] bicycles

From: Patrick McCuller (patrick@kia.net)
Date: Sun Apr 02 2000 - 19:41:54 MDT

> If an intelligence has a representation with a structural specifiable
> binding, fully integrated with the goal system, and hierarchically
> integrated so that sub-elements of a specifiable system can be treated
> as subproblems in another specifiable prepresentation, then this is what
> we call "intelligent design". That is, this is how we get from the
> problem of "high-speed travel" to visualizing a bicycle to designing
> wheels and gears and all the little pieces to machining the parts.

        And yet, there are few instances in which humans have accomplished this. In
truth, bicycles are almost always designed from other bicycles. I have met
my share of smart people, but I have never met someone I think capable of
going from the problem "ho do I get there faster?" to designing a car,
motorcycle, moped, or bicycle all at one leap. Even the designer of the
first bicycle had all sorts of auxillary tools and ideas (and other
vehicles) to draw on.

        I'm not saying it is impossible for humans to do this. I'm saying it might


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