RE: [SL4] Flare, and the need for it.

From: Patrick McCuller (
Date: Sat Mar 04 2000 - 22:03:31 MST

From: "Patrick McCuller" <>

> [...]
> I'm just learning LISP, but it appears to have all
> the features that we would like for flare.

        LISP is old. Very, very, old in Internet terms but even old in programming
language terms. Old does not equal bad, but since LISP was designed A)
decades of computer science research have ensued, B) there are millions more
programmers, and C) almost no commercial software is written in LISP or a
LISP variant today.

        I've developed software commercially for years, in all sorts of fields, and
I can tell you that few people take LISP seriously outside of academics.


        FLARE takes us past LISP and all current programming languages because it
incorporates features vital to automatic programming.

Patrick McCuller

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